This website is edited by Richard Prager. Russell Hunter created the technical implementation based on an original framework by Alastair Beresford and Andrew Rice. The design is by Max Alfie Murdoch. Je Hyeong (John) Hong, Zerline Lim, Alice Brown, Daniel Scott, Abigail Bankay, Hansley Narasiah, Seema Kapacee and Esther Sidebotham contributed significantly to the content and testing.

A photo of Richard Prager
Richard Prager
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Russell Hunter
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Je Hyeong Hong
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Zerline Lim
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Alice Brown
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Daniel Scott
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Abigail Bankay
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Hansley Narasiah
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Esther Sidebotham

We are most grateful to The Underwood Trust for funding the project to create this website. The project is hosted and supported by Cambridge University Engineering Department and Cambridge University Computer Laboratory.

We are grateful to Mark Warner and the Isaac Physics Project for helpful suggestions and advice, and to Tom May for thoughtful guidance, encouragement and support. We would like to thank Peter Goodhew for permission to use ideas from the “concept questions ” assembled at the 2011 CDIO conference in Copenhagen.