Frequently asked questions

Which exam-board syllabus does iWTSE follow?

iWTSE is not based around the syllabus of any public examination. It draws on techniques, skills and knowledge that might be useful in a university engineering entrance interview. The focus is on learning how to solve problems in many contexts, loosely based on the final years of study at school in the UK in mathematics and physics.

Will iWTSE be around next year when I may need it?

iWTSE is funded to be actively developed until September 2018. Beyond this date, it will be maintained and supported by Cambridge University Engineering Department for as long as it remains a useful resource.

Will you start charging for iWTSE at some point in the future?

iWTSE is funded by a philanthropic donation. It will always remain free.

Do you share performance data with the admissions offices of any Universities?

No. We record usage data only to improve the performance and educational effectiveness of the site.

How do you represent the decimal point in questions and calculations?

We use the full-stop to represent the decimal point and the comma (optionally) to separate groups of three digits for readability.